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How will data change your world?

Let’s talk data. WAIT, we know you hear that word a lot. Whether it’s a mobile company asking you to buy more data, or needing more data to book a flight, make a medical decision or even approving your daughter’s overnight trip, it’s a data-data-data world.

Sometimes what it really means gets lost in translation.

From data we gain knowledge, associations, correlations, insights and wisdom. The power of data is undeniable—creating a world that’s more predictive, more productive and more personal drives smarter decisions, breakthrough discoveries and deeper connections. That makes data a very valuable asset.

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A match made in Western Digital Corporation heaven

In our last blog we spoke about the invention of RAMAC in 1956 and the revolution it created.  There are still ongoing debates on how much that monster weighed.  Some even say it was over a ton!

Here we are 60 years later. Advancements in HDD technology that packs 10TB into a single Helium hard-disk drive (HDD) that barely weighs a pound.  Yep, a weight loss of epic proportions.  2000 times to be exact.  Weight-loss companies should take a lesson from the storage world!

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The Incredible Shrinking Bit

The Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is upon us and, while it’s an exciting time to be in the Flash business, it’s particularly exciting for us because it will be the first time the new members of the Western Digital Corporation family, the HGST brand and SanDisk brand, will be together exhibiting at a conference. We at HGST are extremely pleased to share space with SanDisk and cannot wait to showcase one of the largest portfolios of Flash memory and hard disk-based solutions for the data center. We hope to see you at booth #207!

Today just about everyone knows that bits don’t shrink…but how we store them has undergone radical change.

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If Data was a superpower…

Da-ta  /ˈdadə,ˈdādə/

Search for “data” in Google and in .90 seconds, about 5,040,000,000 results (wow) will be served up. Top results include the definition of data,, and the link to The World Bank: Data. Image recommendations include a ton of beautiful glowing 1s and 0s set against dark backgrounds.

So very clinical, factual, functional.

Sure that’s exactly what data is. A set of values, qualitative or quantitative—in stasis. Until the right sequence is determined by homo sapiens. That’s right. We extrapolate. We make sense. We use. We translate data into information to make possible happen. It really is our super power.

So, as the family helping build the space for where data lives, we thought we would ask our team to apply the human super power to people known for their super powers.

Below are the ponderings to “if your favorite super hero’s superpower was data, what could he do?”

p.s. what do you think he could do?