25% Better MTBF + HGST SAS SSDs = Better Together

With today’s ever-growing amounts of data, it is key for organizations to be able to store and access that data efficiently and reliably. Information drawn from data drives smarter decisions faster and provides valuable insight for professionals in all walks of life—from doctors to engineers to stockbrokers… the list goes on and on. Data touches virtually every aspect of our lives. It has become a fundamental element, so much so that it can now simply be thought of as the currency of the world’s new economy.

With our market leadership and field proven reliability, we’re proud to announce that our Ultrastar® 12Gb/s SAS SSD products have been tested and are now rated for 2.5 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF), 25%* higher than the status quo. That means HGST drives are proven to be 25% more reliable to better protect all of the valuable data stored in demanding enterprise data center environments.

This news follows the recent announcement that HGST helium-filled HDDs also achieved unprecedented field reliability of 2.5 million hours MTBF, allowing HGST to demonstrate to enterprises as a whole something that cloud service providers and the largest OEMs in the world have known for years: HGST makes hands down the most reliable, cost-efficient products.

As data center managers increasingly look to optimize infrastructure to address either performance or long-term capacity needs, HGST is investing to increase the reliability of its Flash storage to ensure it can deliver products that excel under the most arduous workloads.

HGST’s customers and partners have recognized the benefits that HGST SSD drives bring to the stack. EMC has been utilizing HGST SAS SSDs to achieve top performance needs.

Mike Kerouac, president, Global Product Operations from EMC said, “HGST SAS SSDs perform at a high-level and are well-suited for Flash storage in the data center. HGST remains a key partner that EMC customers use for All-Flash and hybrid storage array needs. The 2.5M hours MTBF rating is significant as it helps ease the infrastructure selection process and assure EMC customers that HGST is an ideal solution for improving TCO.”

And as cloud service providers like Backblaze have proven year after year, HGST storage solutions are some of the most reliable storage products on the market today.

Here at HGST, we are well-positioned to continue this tradition of reliability with our SAS SSDs and improve the flow of data around the world. And if you’re in Vegas this week for the 15th annual EMC World conference, check us out at Booth #231 to learn more about our breakthrough solutions!



* 25% increase is based on drives with a 2M hours MTBF rating.