A match made in Western Digital Corporation heaven

In our last blog we spoke about the invention of RAMAC in 1956 and the revolution it created.  There are still ongoing debates on how much that monster weighed.  Some even say it was over a ton!

Here we are 60 years later. Advancements in HDD technology that packs 10TB into a single Helium hard-disk drive (HDD) that barely weighs a pound.  Yep, a weight loss of epic proportions.  2000 times to be exact.  Weight-loss companies should take a lesson from the storage world!

Of course all of the buzz this week at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) was on SSD technology.  Our Executive Vice President of Memory Technology, Siva Sivaram, showed off THE latest 64-layer monolithic 3D NAND technology and discussed why cost, scalability, scale and the ecosystem are absolutely critical to success. He also shared a few factoids that were truly impressive.  Did you know, if we stacked all of the NAND chips manufactured in conjunction with our partner Toshiba, they would extend well beyond the height of the Eiffel Tower and reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! Now that’s scale!


Western Digital Corporation (inclusive of the SanDisk brand) also picked up two prestigious awards (innovation leader in All Flash NVMe PCIe Cards and Flash Cache Software categories) chosen by IT Brand Pulse readers via an in-depth customer survey on Enterprise buyer preferences conducted in June 2016.  Perhaps even more impressive is that we have won these same awards for five consecutive years.


Some might call FMS, a show by the Flash industry for the Flash industry. So what’s an HDD to do at FMS? Adam Roberts, Chief Solutions Architect from our SanDisk brand, explains with a powerful model called flash-o-nomics and a message he calls “a river runs through it.” To him, tiers of SSDs and HDDs create the most compelling TCO for Cloud, Hyperscale and Enterprise. A match made in Western Digital Corporation heaven. More on this to come on a later blog.


Arguably, Western Digital Corporation has the broadest portfolio of storage solutions in the market. FMS was the first time we featured the combined might of the HGST and SanDisk brands under this umbrella. After speaking to our packed booth visitors this year at FMS, one thing is clear—Western Digital Corporation is going to help the world bring the possibilities of data to life.

Are you in? Let’s do this.

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avatarWalter Hinton is Sr. Global Director for Marketing at Western Digital Corporation. He brings over 25 years of experience in storage, networking including roles in Product Management at McDATA, Chief Strategist for StorageTek and CTO of ManagedStorage International.