Backing up to the Future

Exactly 10 years ago, I was a product manager for a leading backup application vendor. I remember pitching client deduplication to a mining company as a new way of protecting remote offices. At the time, WAN connections were slow and transporting tapes was cumbersome from dusty remote areas. Deduplication became a savior by supporting an internal “backup-as-a-service” offering to those remote environments. Today, this dedupe technology has become ubiquitous in any backup application. It also cemented backup retention on disk as a more affordable alternative to tape.

hgst_commvault_bettertogetherToday I’m building strategic relationships at HGST as a technologist. My goal still remains the same—solve customer pain points. I’m excited that HGST is announcing a collaboration with Commvault. This collaboration of technology juggernauts—Commvault a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for enterprise backup software and HGST a leader in enterprise storage—is of course a perfect pairing to bring always-on accessibility and availability to the backup community. You might be wondering why and how?

Let me start with the basics

HGST’s Active Archive System is built on object storage with erasure coding technology. The technology allows you to protect your data across multiple data centers through a single copy. Additionally, our object storage interface allows for a global consistent view, along with data accessibility from any location. Now let’s add Commvault’s flexible client dedupe, MediaAgent dedupe, replication and snapshot management software to the party. And you can literally see the value come together.

Traditionally, backup infrastructures rely on a two-copy approach through replication and have cumbersome “failover” disaster recovery processes in place.


One decade later, I would love to go back to that mining company and continue the discussion we once started. I’m sure they will be as excited as I am today to take the next step to backing up to the future.

If you are going to be at CloudExpo Silicon Valley, November 3-5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, drop by my session, Backup as a Service, and say hello.

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About Stefaan Vervaet

avatarStefaan Vervaet is the Director of Strategic Alliances for the Cloud Storage Business Unit at HGST. He has an extensive background in object storage and data protection, having previously been at Amplidata and Symantec.