Data Growth Leads to Data Center Transformation

Welcome to Insights, the new HGST blog. This is an important time for data and an important time for us at HGST.

Volume, velocity, variety and value of data is doubling

Fueled by the growing number of applications, devices and data types – not to mention the Internet of Things (IoT) – the amount of data being created and replicated is doubling every two years. Today, less than a quarter of this data is stored, but the percentage of data that is seen as valuable enough to be stored is expected to approach 40% by 2020 (IDC).

Data Transformation: From information to knowledge to wisdom

This growth in the volume of data is amplified by its potential value. It used to be that data was simply a record of a transaction that would be pushed off into an offline archive where it would rarely be accessed again.

With the advent of the IoT and the billions of connected devices it brings, data lives on well past its point of creation. Now, data is being leveraged to help transform its underlying information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.

Yes, it is an important time for data. But what does that mean for HGST? We are leading the charge to create next-generation data centers that raise the standard for efficiency and reliability, enable faster access to higher volumes of data and allow businesses to extract greater value from the information it holds.

On September 9, we will be introducing new solutions designed to help manage the increasing volume, velocity, variety and longevity of data in our ever-growing connected world.

Watch this space this week as we highlight potential issues in data center transformation and discuss solutions that can help our world harness the power of data.

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