Editors’ Choice: The Ultrastar® SN150 Offers an “Incredible Advantage” Over Competition

Recently, Paul Alcorn of Tom’s IT Pro performed a comprehensive review of NVMe™ compliant PCIe SSDs and determined the Editors_Choice_Award_Toms_ITPro_2016_smHGST Ultrastar® SN150 a worthy recipient of the Editors’ Choice Award. The validation features detailed benchmarks on traditional metrics like maximum IOPS, throughput and lowest latencies. But Mr. Alcorn’s analysis incorporated a much deeper and more “real-world” view of SSD performance, including measurements of mixed read/write workloads and Quality of Service (QoS).

The report and decision is very rewarding. For the Ultrastar SN150, our product goal was not only to have the best single SSD benchmark (usually max 4K read IOPS), but to also deliver consistent performance with the lowest latencies, as workloads increase over time. These types of multi-dimensional proof-points can only come from a deep understanding of customer requirements mapped to NVMe and NAND architectures.

Tom’s IT Pro recognized the Ultrastar SN150 for its high-density (3.2TB) “borne of mature and proven components, along with the impressive mixed workload performance characteristics” as well as a consistent theme of QoS.




HGST’s Ultrastar SN150 is already deployed in some of the world’s most demanding IT environments. From Hyperscale to Enterprise, the Ultrastar SN150 is leading the industry where it matters most, consistent performance and latency as workloads increase over time.

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