HGST Ultrastar 7K2: “entry level” without compromise.

When you think HGST, do you equate it with the highest-reliability,   -quality and -capacity drives in the market? We have built our reputation on consistently delivering innovations that you can trust your data to live on.

Today we’re excited to introduce the Ultrastar 7K2. Designed specifically to serve the lower capacity points in the data center. We’ve taken the reasons you trust our enterprise high-capacity drives and made them available in a 3.5”, 7200 RPM, powerhouse. Available in 1TB and 2TB.


Of course we are still committed to delivering the highest-capacity drives in the market. Just last year, we were first in the market with a 10TB HDD, our Ultrastar He10 helium-filled drive.

So you might ask, why the lower capacity point?

2TB and under will continue to represent a meaningful percentage of the market. It currently makes up a substantial portion of the SATA drives sold into the capacity enterprise segment of the market. This category meets the needs of entry level servers, boot drives and emerging markets.

The Ultrastar 7K2 addresses the broadest range of this segment by supporting 512n format, assuring compatibility with both new and legacy systems.

A quick snapshot of the drives: 640 grams, industry standard SATA interface at 6Gb/s and a sustained data rate of up to 200 MB/s for the 2TB, and 184 MB/s for the 1TB. It can read up to 193 IOPS and write at up to 160 IOPS. This is a recipe that delivers the consistent high-performance we all love and need in our drives.

No matter what the capacity, every bit stored is critical of course. Having an Ultrastar designation means something. It says this drive includes a 2M hours MTBF and robust RV performance for consistent performance when installed in racks with multiple drives operating at the same time.

Are you in the market for a 1TB or 2TB drive? We highly recommend you take our newest member for a spin.

About Lenny Sharp

avatarLenny Sharp is responsible for HDD product line management at HGST. When he’s not marketing the biggest and best hard drives in the industry, he can be found behind a camera, on the golf course or riding a Harley.