As one of the leading providers of storage solutions, you might say we know a little something about drives. However, we also know a lot about drive—the performance, capacity and endurance needed to transform the status quo. It’s interesting that the same words that make our drives so exceptional, are the same ones that describe the passionate people here at HGST.



Helping harness the power of data

As our executives share in the video, HGST is “in the center now of creating things that haven’t been there before.” We’re building storage solutions that help harness the power of data so “organizations can convert data into information, from information into knowledge, and from knowledge ultimately into wisdom–to benefit virtually everything and everyone.” It’s quite an undertaking but, one the HGST family is well prepared for.


Family matters

It might be odd to call a company with tens-of-thousands of employees a family, but, that’s what we are. As our executives share, you can virtually feel our synergy as you walk down the halls. We work really hard to create the culture that “makes people not only want to work here, but, actually prosper and feel the creative freedom to innovate.”

One of the many unique tools that HGST uses to foster this culture is CrossFit. On any given day, you might see our president sweating right next to managers, developers and engineers; colleagues encouraging each other to give it that little extra push; morning, afternoon and evening, titles don’t matter as CrossFit teammates run, chat and exercise through our various campuses world-wide. It helps sustain a culture of community, unity and drive towards a common goal.


It all comes back to drive

So it all comes back to drive. Whether performance, capacity and endurance are terms used to describe our drives, the HGST family or what’s needed to get through our CrossFit workout of the day, they are definitely what has helped HGST become synonymous with proven quality and a credibility that allows people to count on us as innovators in storage solutions.

So, let’s keep the drive alive!



About HGST Storage Team

avatarAt HGST, we believe in data, and we're helping the world harness its power. Our smarter storage solutions power the markets and companies that shape our lives - enabling possibilities for the cloud, enterprise and sophisticated infrastructures everywhere. #Longlivedata