If Data was a superpower…

Da-ta  /ˈdadə,ˈdādə/

Search for “data” in Google and in .90 seconds, about 5,040,000,000 results (wow) will be served up. Top results include the definition of data,, and the link to The World Bank: Data. Image recommendations include a ton of beautiful glowing 1s and 0s set against dark backgrounds.

So very clinical, factual, functional.

Sure that’s exactly what data is. A set of values, qualitative or quantitative—in stasis. Until the right sequence is determined by homo sapiens. That’s right. We extrapolate. We make sense. We use. We translate data into information to make possible happen. It really is our super power.

So, as the family helping build the space for where data lives, we thought we would ask our team to apply the human super power to people known for their super powers.

Below are the ponderings to “if your favorite super hero’s superpower was data, what could he do?”

p.s. what do you think he could do?


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