It’s NAB time!

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2016 theme “Unleash,” highlights the power and transformation of media workflows. nab-show-logo

Are you attending? What’s your focus? Content development and creation? Content management and archiving? Or is it content broadcast, consumption and video delivery?

To me, NAB is still “the” place to stay abreast of today’s media and video technologies and trends. I’m excited to rub elbows again with 100,000 media and entertainment plus broadcast professionals in Lost Wages as we wait in long lines and crowded convention halls to peek into technologies of today and tomorrow.

This is the CES for M&E. This is the equivalent of Oracle Open World + SAP Sapphire + VMWorld…..for users from Hollywood and NY.

Already released announcements in various media market segments highlight:


Let’s talk about a world without 24×7 entertainment, communications and instantaneous news. Hard to imagine. We function with an expectation that our business associates, loved ones, well, our virtual lives, are instantly available 365 days-a-year, anywhere and anytime. Video conferencing, on-line banking, music streaming, sports, weather, family photos, Facebook and (you fill in the blank) are just a click away.

So my NAB friends, is the same true for you?

NABblack_white_tvWhile movie studios and film makers know that content is king, broadcasters, OTT’s and cable companies know that video delivery is often the last mile to customer and without them, content is locked and Inaccessible. Together, they vastly enhance our world and make it more enjoyable.

Yes, a lot has happened since the deployment of color TV in 1954. NAB is at ground zero in Las Vegas (where else?) for the newest and latest in our smart and connected world.

Come rub elbows with me and the rest of the HGST family at NAB. We are in booth #SL9721, South hall, just below the first steps down halfway through the floor. The HGST brand has a legacy of innovation that dates back to the 1950s as both an industry pioneer as well as a technology innovator. More so, we have answers on tackling and integrating cloud-based object storage into your media workflows.

Love to hear your thoughts on what you feel is next or what the industry needs. See you soon.



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About Jeff Greenwald

avatarJeff Greenwald is the Senior Director of Market Development for HGST, building solutions for the media and broadcast industries that integrate exactly with ISV and other industry standard software, specifically in the workflows of these markets. Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the M&E space and has lead vertical and product marketing teams at IBM, Sun Microsystems and most recently at Hitachi Data Systems where he lead the Alliance and Market Development team for M&E. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA.