Long Live Leftovers


How does one connect data to Thanksgiving? On the other hand, in today’s age, how does one not connect data to Thanksgiving? If you type in “data” and “Thanksgiving” into a search engine, you will be riddled with results ranging from cartoons depicting turkey data scientists proclaiming “I don’t like the look of this – searches for gravy and turkey stuffing are going through the roof,” facts on Cyber Monday overtaking Black Friday, statistics on American consumption of turkey, to infographics depicting our favorite stuffing recipes and yes, how to burn those calories (by dish) after turkey day.

I’m sure you are questioning the reasoning behind why we even care. The easy answer would be that as one of the leading storage companies in the nation, how can we not care? Storage has become an essential ingredient that preserves data so it can be converted to useful wisdom for driving progress and change.

So on the eve of the holiday, we’re giving thanks to the top 5 ways data and storage makes our Thanksgiving day dinner just a little bit better.



1. GPS traffic information for one less road-rage induced accident to the grocers.
2. Digital turkey thermometer for tweeting how ready my turkey is.
3. DVR for taking pity and not making me wait till halftime for dinner.
4. Fitbit for making me count every bite I take in lunges.
5. Cloud for allowing me to hit Black Friday with PJ’s on my couch.

In the end, it always comes back to those tasty bytes. #LongLiveData.


Happy turkey day from the HGST family!


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