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Now. Immediate. Instant. Whether employees or customers, there is a reliance and expectation by them for secure anywhere access to their data—and to all of their data. For organizations, fulfilling this expectation means transforming their IT to deliver IT-as-a-Service. The more distributed and globalized a company is, the more important this becomes.

Getting there requires a fundamental change in the—create, protect, deliver and consume—of IT services. The roles that support them will also need evolution. Modernizing data management across the enterprise can boost productivity and deliver business benefits. This can be the difference between an agile forward thinking IT organization, or one regularly overshadowed by external cloud service providers.

The Case for IT-as-a-Service

The explosion of unstructured data (files) across distributed organizations has created unnecessary complexity. Multiple point storage solutions make managing, accessing and sharing data difficult, which can zap overall momentum.

How much time is wasted searching but not finding, re-creating, or copying latest version of files to an external cloud storage service? The hit to productivity alone, across the enterprise, can be huge. Add the risk of losing data to insufficient backups or exposing sensitive company information with the use of unauthorized external cloud services, and the hit becomes staggering.

By implementing an enterprise-wide file services strategy, IT can get their arms around file management challenges. Turning the challenges into strategic capabilities that can accelerate the pace of business.


The CTERA + HGST opportunity

Our products are the foundation for helping the world harness the power of data. So we continue to build strong relationships with industry-leading technology organizations and certify that our products work together. Our goal is to provide customers with confidence in deploying new cloud-enabled storage capabilities to next-level their IT.

To that end, we recently worked with CTERA to certify the HGST Active Archive System with their Enterprise File Services Platform. The combined solution simplifies storage and file management across the enterprise so highly distributed and mobile teams can easily access and share data from any of their devices.

An innovative two-tier architecture consists of an on-premises CTERA appliance that combines a cloud gateway with integrated NAS and the fully integrated HGST Active Archive System. Remote agents and applications, along with intelligent caching, help to ensure that demanding remote office SLAs are met. The cloud gateway handles backup and file transfers transparently to the HGST system for disaster recovery, file sharing and long-term retention. The solution is centrally managed with remote data access and infrastructure provisioning anywhere there with an internet connection. There are also self-service options that allow users to perform simple file recovery, which keeps them moving forward without IT intervention.

We believe the combined HGST + CTERA Unified File Services solution offers organizations a path to begin the journey to transform into an agile IT-as-a-Service provider.

By modernizing the storage and file management infrastructure, enterprises and service providers can lower overall total costs, accelerate the business and have foundation to build upon for additional workload transformation.

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About Stefaan Vervaet

avatarStefaan Vervaet is the Director of Strategic Alliances for the Cloud Storage Business Unit at HGST. He has an extensive background in object storage and data protection, having previously been at Amplidata and Symantec.