Oracle Validated Solution from HGST

Oracle Validated Solution from HGST

Simplicity. It’s a beautiful thing.

Actively doing away with unnecessary clutter, extra expenditures and complicated processes is important to an organization to streamline operations, improve morale, and be more focused and successful. So what does this have to do with Oracle validation? Well, that’s ultimately what it’s all about. Read on.

The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program is about more than just hardware certification. It does the stress testing up front, so you don’t have to waste countless hours and suffer through angst-inducing test-and-repeat cycles to get the system performance just right. It’s a lengthy and thorough process, and I’m proud to be able to share with you that our NVMe™ compliant Ultrastar SN150 PCIe SSDs have joined the elite rank of validated solutions.

The configuration uses the highly popular Dell® PowerEdge® R730xd 2U rack-mount server, which can accommodate the following:


With this volume of storage capacity in a single system, you could house 128TB of raw capacity in the form of 16 Ultrastar He8 HDDs along with 4 high-performance Ultrastar SN150 SSDs, each delivering up to 740k Read IOPS per device.

So you’ll get the capacity you need and the performance you crave in a compact footprint, directly equating to less hardware, less power, less cooling, less headache. And because it’s got Oracle’s seal of approval, you can forget about interoperability concerns.

Check out the configuration details here.

This validation will allow us to offer to our customers custom-tailored solutions for specific Oracle use Oracle_HGSTcases, such as:

  • Server-side clustered Flash for Oracle 12c Single Instance or Oracle RAC
  • Caching for Oracle 12c Single Instance
  • Direct Access Flash for Oracle 12c Single Instance
  • Scale-out Flash Databases for Oracle Linux – MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache Hbase
  • Enterprise Flash Applications for Oracle Linux – Oracle Fusion Middleware, E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft and Siebel CRM

So simplify your Oracle operations with our validated configuration and benefit from reduced latency, better customer experience and more users per instance at a lower cost than traditional RAC architectures.

Learn how we’re helping Oracle users today achieve 6x faster Oracle RAC performance, and check out our other Oracle-specific resources:

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