1 Million He Drives Deployed

Ride along with us to a helium-filled future. #excitingthingsahead


We’ve passed an important milestone on the road to remaking the future of storage. Since announcing mainstream availability with the 2nd generation of the industry’s only helium-filled drive last year, we’ve already deployed our first million units. Even more, helium drives are quickly becoming the de-facto choice for data center applications where storage density, reliability and power efficiency are paramount. Since our HelioSealTM technology enables higher capacity than conventional air filled drives, these one million units represent nearly seven exabytes of storage. It would take more than 10 million typical desktop or laptop PC drives to store that much data. Put another way, one million HelioSeal drives could store more than 500 copies of every movie and television show ever released!

So what makes HGST HelioSeal drives so compelling? Filling our HDDs with helium enables more disks in the standard hard drive form factor. Helium, being 1/7 the density of air, allows the use of much thinner disks without the disruptive effects of turbulence. Turbulence kills performance and drives down reliability. More disks means more capacity, and more capacity per drive results in lower total cost of ownership–since the entire data center infrastructure can be leveraged to store more with no additional cost. In addition to the fixed cost benefits, operating costs are reduced because helium drives consume much less power, cutting power and cooling costs, in spite of the higher capacity. This makes them greener, so you really can save the planet… while saving money! Our Helium design also enhances field proven reliability, allowing us to raise our MTBF rating to 2.5 million hours – the highest rating in the industry for an Enterprise Capacity HDD!

After the successful introduction of the Ultrastar® He6, the industry’s first 6TB drive in 2013, HGST followed up with 33% more capacity, launching the Ultrastar He8 drive at the end of last year. Now as we’re fully ramping production of that drive, we’re preparing to launch the world’s first 10TB drive based on the HelioSeal platform later this year. That’s just how we roll. See how we’re paving the path to true TCO below.




While one million units is a significant milestone, we’re already on our way to the next million. We invite you to consider how helium drives can redefine storage in YOUR future. If you do, I’m convinced your future will be so bright, you better wear shades!


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