Size Matters: Why you’ll love our Object Storage Solution

Today our HGST Active Archive System received a significant upgrade. New software and hardware capabilities are now included with the ability to expand capacity based on need. This is key when addressing the needs of today’s dynamic market. hgst-active-archive-system-callout

A strategy for today’s demands.

Let’s talk about the market. Of course companies are rethinking storage. You need to. The tsunami of data is just getting bigger. Continued cost pressure exists. And now, data availability for long periods of time is becoming an expectation, along with data protection and simplified management.

We live in an on-demand world where instant access to information is norm. It’s why we are having this conversation. Our update today expands the HGST Active Archive System’s ability to tackle these problems more precisely.

Are you part of the transitional market? 

With the new updates to the HGST Active Archive System, you can start small and scale-up capacity as your data volume grows.  Start with as little as 672TB of raw capacity and add increments of 672TB for a total capacity of 4.7PB in a single chassis.

Customers in government, finance, life sciences and retail often have the need to protect data-at-rest and data-in-flight.  With the HGST Active Archive System, you get end-to-end protection with encryption across the entire system, or incrementally bucket by bucket or object, with unique encryption keys.  The result is flexible protection that also can enable new uses where data protection is important.

Of course cost also matters. 

Cloud, tape, D2D2D replication vs. HGST Active Archive System.  We know that the HGST Active Archive System is an essential component of instant data accessibility and powerful data durability at a price you can afford. Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you. Take our TCO calculator for a spin and find out for yourself.

Read more about the updates to HGST Active Archive System: Press release, Product page


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