The Grass is Greener with HGST

With web services, there is one thing that can suck the life out of your business—service delays. You can bet there is a line of competitors just waiting to take your customers.

UK-based customer engagement provider Grass Roots experienced rapid business growth and found that their 3-year old Storage Area Network (SAN) just wasn’t cutting it anymore. They needed an upgrade that was also cost-effective for today, and easily scalable for the future.

Once the problem was identified, Grass Roots needed to evaluate their current set-up to determine the best path forward. In came HGST Profiler, an intelligent, non-disruptive (and did we mention FREE) system consultant tool that provided Grass Roots with valuable insights on current reads, writes, throughput and cache hits/misses. Profiler identified where the performance gaps were, and helped the technical team square down on a custom 3-node VMware® Virtual SAN™ solution fitted with high capacity Ultrastar He6 HDDs and high performance Ultrastar SN150 PCIe SSDs to amp up Grass Roots’ system performance by 5x.

Curious about how they did it? Read the whole story here.

Also if you are thinking you might need to evaluate your system, do it easily with the HGST Profiler. Download the free tool here.

About Walter Hinton

avatarWalter Hinton is Sr. Global Director for Marketing at Western Digital Corporation. He brings over 25 years of experience in storage, networking including roles in Product Management at McDATA, Chief Strategist for StorageTek and CTO of ManagedStorage International.