Ultrastar Archive Ha10

Welcome to the Era of Terabyte Double-Digits

The launch of the 10TB Ultrastar Archive Ha10 occupies an extraordinary moment in the history of storage. Just like moving from our teens, to our twenties, thirties and forties, a generational shift is pivotal and we’re happy to say, welcome to the new era of the terabyte “double-digits.” t

The hard-disk drive (HDD) journey began in 1956. Back then, Elvis Presley was ascending to rock stardom, Japan joined the United Nations, videotape technology was first commercially demonstrated and IBM Corporation delivered the first HDD. Since then, whether known as IBM Corporation, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies or now HGST, a Western Digital Company, we’ve laid claim to many more innovations.

Today we’re announcing another industry milestone with the world’s first “double-digit”, 10TB HDD. The Ultrastar Archive Ha10 utilizes shingled-magnetic recording (SMR) to achieve 2 million times the storage capacity of that very first HDD!

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In this new world order where innovation is shaped by mobile, social and big data; where business efficiencies are now driven by the cloud, and where business intelligence is based on data as the currency of the new economy, the need for storage is amplified on a scale like we’ve never seen before. It’s not just about storage. It’s about storage right-sized for specific applications, including the rapidly emerging active archive market. Right-sized for PB-scale deployment in ultra-dense storage systems. Right-sized for new storage architectures. Right-sized for scalable economics and the lowest TCO.

It’s about purposeful technology. And that’s what HGST is doing. We’re leading the industry with host-managed SMR and helium technologies that address new market needs and applications. Technology that extends our market reach and market leadership. Technology that anticipates future history and customer needs. Technology that highlights HGST’s heritage. This is the era of the Ultrastar Archive Ha10.

[SMR+Helium] =  Better Together. Welcome to the terabyte double-digits.



About Ed Wu

avatarEdward Wu is part of the product marketing team responsible for the Ultrastar Archive Ha10. When not marketing, he is concertizing as a cellist and teaching his daughter to spell S-M-R.